Retirement Home Software Solutions

All-encompassing, cloud-based, user-friendly software designed exclusively for retirement home management.

From community to regional to corporate levels, our One Business, One System approach provides instant access to fully integrated data yielding increased occupancy, profits & resident satisfaction!

Enhance resident experience
Fully integrated information provides instant access to detailed resident profiles. By eliminating duplicate entry and minimizing administrative paperwork, resident-staff face time increases, resulting in greater resident and employee satisfaction.

Make informed, data-based decisions
Use powerful business intelligence tools to analyze real-time data, monitor performance, identify trends and spot potential problems.

Improve sales efficiency
Streamline the sales process and empower your sales force by providing tools to reduce the time it takes to convert a prospect inquiry to a resident. Spend more time selling and reduce administrative tasks via intelligent communication tracking, workflow automation, and sales tools that reduce data entry. Improve adoption with seamless integration to Microsoft Office and Google Docs. Enhance visibility into the business and enable better informed decisions with embedded dashboards and dynamic sales reports.

Maximize marketing effectiveness
Increase the effectiveness of marketing programs, generate demand, and better track key performance indicators with intuitive segmentation tools, powerful event management features, and insightful marketing analytics. Plan, launch and track marketing plans more efficiently with sales workflows that reduce laborious manual tasks.

Improve data integrity and financial transparency
Centralize your core data in a single database. From sales and marketing to resident billing for recurring and additional services, a single posting process provides up-to-the-minute data. Integrated systems, shared data, and drilldown capabilities provide a clear view of your operating position backed by detailed audit trails.

Maximize your ROI
Invest in your community, staff and residents and say goodbye to servers, databases and costly hardware infrastructure. iaRetirement Home Software is developed on the cloud platform, a platform you can trust; a platform that is secure, reliable and fast. The cloud infrastructure beneath has been fine-tuned over the past 10 years. It powers nearly 97,700 businesses running more than 185,000 applications that 3 million users count on every day.