About Us


Each and every enterprise strives towards business excellence. A firm’s definition of this goal – and its strategy for attaining it – defines the company’s culture and distinguishes it from its competitors.

Performance, data access, and operational efficiency are requisite at all levels as a means to achieve this end. Whether the goal is increased occupancy, profits or resident satisfaction, improved team collaboration, ROI or more time on the golf course, Infinite Analytics Retirement Home Software is designed to meet your business needs, giving you the highest return on your IT investment.

Track Record

Infinite Analytics helps dynamic companies improve their operations and increase profitability through the design and implementation of innovative business information systems. Since 1990 we have successfully implemented over 300 systems across North America and in satellite offices around the world. Enhanced business practices span diverse industries, including retirement residences, field service, traditional and alternate energy, distribution and agriculture.

From community to corporate levels, our One business, One system solution provides instant access to fully integrated data yielding increased occupancy, profits & resident satisfaction.